Monday, October 5, 2009

Principles and Method of Teaching by Gregorio

This book, Principles and Method of Teaching by Gregorio, often the book I used in college especially in our Education subject. I find this book very beneficial because it provides wide information and vital techniques and strategies in teaching.

The Meaning and Importance of Principles in Teaching, The Starting Principles of Teaching and Learning, The Goal Principles of Teaching and Learning, Psychological Bases of the Learning Process, The Basic Principles of Learning, The Use of Motivation in Teaching and in Learning, Lesson Planning in Teaching, Accepted Educational Concepts Basic to Modern Teaching, The Guiding Principles and Methods of Teaching, Principles Underlying Drill and Review Methods, The Technique of Teaching, Principles Underlying Assignment of Lessons, Principles of Transfer of Learning as used in Teaching, Principles of Individual Differences Essential to Teaching and Training, Evaluating the Results of Teaching and Learning, Principles underlying Classroom Management and Discipline, Teacher and His Profession, Educators and the Educational Process, Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers and School Officials and The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers are some of the important topics that this book has tackled.

Having this book is like you are in the real world of classroom instructions with children and learning are there.

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