Monday, May 31, 2010

How to enhance your writing skill.

I am a writer. Depending on my initial knowledge about writing is not only the main requirement that makes me a writer. Being blessed with the gift of expression is the avenue to learn various things and in order to make myself knowledgeable and confident in what I write, I also put my trust using the book – Enhancing Basic Research and Writing Skills which is authored by F. Lacia and M. Fabella, Ed. D..

In the field of composition, I need the most root asset of learning the gift that God has given me through constant reading and guidance of books. In fact, this book awares me that there are some cases that I believe for me, that it my knowledge on writing is enough. But I was totally wrong. This book opens me to accept better ideas and suggestions that could enhance the art of my writing ability. Now, I am on my way learning many things and as long as I have all the access of wonderful and helpful books, I feel that writing is not a problem for me as well.

I, in the world of writing entail a lot of responsibilities so that the audience will learn and get something from me. The only aspirants that I have are to express my ideas in a simpler way that I can be able to reach out the wants and the needs of the listener. Actually, I don’t need too metaphors or figure of speeches nor difficult words in order to portray my wide profession. Being simple in writing is much better.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The All New Universal Traveler Book

Authored by Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall, the All New Universal Traveler - a Soft Systems guide to: creativity, problem-solving and the process f reaching goals (Revised Edition) is a book which provides a simplified format for solving problems. This book is dedicated to those who seek to add clarity and organization to the problem-solving process of living. It is for those who desire to take charge of the multitude of situations that confront them and for those who plan to assure themselves of achieving either personally or socially satisfying ends.

This book intends to help people become more conscious or aware of their own procedures and methods in solving problems. Through learning this book, the authors ought to encourage and to generate more creative problem-solvers at the world level.

Parts of this book are:

A. The Expedition Outfitter
Introduction to Creativity. Keys to Creative Behavior. Blocks to Creativity. The Design Process. Travel Map. A Word about Methods. General Travel Tips. Tourist Traps. General Language Guide. General Travel Guide.

B. The Universal Travel Agency
How to use a Travel Agency. A Problem Begins. Basic Methods. Acceptance. Analysis. Definition. Ideation. Idea-Selecting. Implementation. Evaluation.

C. Side Trips
Creativity Games. Guide to Measurable Objectives. Lessons from Problem-Solving. Synthetics. Self-Hypnotism. Painless Criticism. Communications Checklist and Writing Diagrams.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slow-cooked Comfort by Lydie Marshall

Few things are more rewarding than a fragrant, slow-cooked stew or braise on a chilly evening. It is also an easy way to feed a hungry family well - just ask the super-practical and food-revering French, whose tradition of meals en cocotte (cooking in sealed pots buried in stove coals) stretches back centuries. Consider their good sense: Stews and braises cook meats and vegetables in one pot, and they store conveniently and taste better when reheated. They also mask almost any vegetable from suspicious kids in a sauce of herbs and juices, not fat or fake flavors. Best of all, you don't have to be that mindful (braises and stews are safety forgotten in the oven for a few hours or more) or a seasoned French cook. The oven and the food do the work- all you do is put them together and leave them alone.

This book of hearty one-pot dishes by the author of several well-loved Provencal cookbooks gives a detailed description of braising techniques, as well as recipes for stews, casseroles and baked desserts. The vegetable section is rife with casserole ideas to make veggies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book suited for Early Childhood Education Teachers

Families, Schools and Communities Together for Young Children by Donna Couchenour, Ph.D. and Kent Chrisman, Ed.D. of Shippensburg University was mainly written to meet a need for a textbook that included a theoretical and research foundation for early childhood educator's work with families, schools and communities. This book will serve as one important tool in early childhood teacher education.

Part of the topics of this book includes:

Part I: Understanding Families
Chapter I: A Theory-Based Approach to Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education
Chapter II: Understanding Family Diversity
Chapter III: Developmental Issues in Families with Young Children
Chapter IV: Family Strengths, Family Functions and Family Structure
Chapter V: Parenting
Chapter VI: Family Stress

Part II Practice
Chapter VII: A Family-Based Philosophy n Early Childhood Education
Chapter VIII: Family-Staff Relationships
Chapter IX: Parent Education and Family Life Education
Chapter X: Early Childhood Educators in the Community

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Families, Schools and Communities Together for Young Children (Book)

Authored by Donna Couchenour, Ph.D. and Kent Chrisman, Ed.D. (Shippensburg University, USA), this book focuses on contextual method as a basis for family, school and community partnerships. It inflicts early stimulation for optimal brain development point to the importance of supporting families. Furthermore, new scientific information and current societal concerns about children's safety which have led to a change in the charge of early childhood professionals are also evident in this book. This book cares of early childhood education which it presents teaching techniques and strategies that are helpful for the teachers and for the early education programs as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Love Dirt: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature by Jennifer Ward

Looking for No-Brain ways to have active fun with the whole family? Go outside!

"I Love Dirt" is a collection of fun ideas for outdoor adventures for kids and parents to share, organized by seasons. They are loosely structured enough to encourage plenty of exploration - one springtime activity send you on a walk in search of shades of green; another has you outside at night with a constellation map - but they are specific enough that you are ready to field the omnipresent question, "What are we doing now?" With plenty of entertaining facts and question-and-answer boxes for each activity, this is a terrific resource to have on hand when your own mental list of good-for-you games is running out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Treasury of 100 Storybook Classic

My kid, Danica and I love to watch Treasury of 100 Storybook Classic, including its series Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, Make Way for Duckling and Good Night, Gorilla and many more.
I intentionally bought this DVD collection which tells cherished stories and gorgeous illustrations that I'm sure at adds to Danica's learning. It further shows timeless tales of life which make my and I love to watch all over again.
This DVD is such a delightful start to my 2-year old Danica.